service package

Maintenance, installation, survey & urgent repair

Propulsion and Rudder Installation:

The propulsion and rudder systems need precise and accurate installation and should be executed by an expert. 
Besides the engineering and production of our propulsion and rudder systems we could also offer the complete installation and shaft alignment at location executed by our own service engineers. This service is including the use of tooling and machining, the shaft alignment will be executed with our own laser equipment. 


scheduled maintenance of propulsion and rudder systems and parts could be conducted at any destination of the client’s preference. This could be based on a prepaid service package with a certain annual fix price or at an hourly rate.


Classification requires surveying of the propulsion and rudder systems according to the classification schedule. 

Urgent Repair:

upon client request and/or in case of need our service engineers could embark within 24 hours at the nearest airport and report at the destination of choice.  

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