Fixed pitch propulsion

Fixed Pitch Propeller systems

The fixed pitch propeller system (FPP) will be custom engineered and delivered as complete package. The systems are water lubricated. Several components have been awarded at the Design Award METS (DAME). All parts are highly reliable and could be designed on request according to the rules of most common classification societies

Propeller shafts

Designed according to the requirements of the classification societies. Both keyed and keyless application. Stainless steel Duplex 1.4462 ground material will be used for most of the shafts. 


The EasyStern® sterntube system is specially designed to reduce noise and vibration levels in the hull. The EasyStern® ClampSeal will make the (de-)installation as easy as possible. Glass-in type sterntubes are available for polyester yachts. 

AxiSeal® shaft seals

The AxiSeal® is a drip less propeller shaft seal. Maintenance free during the life-time. The stand-by seal will be mounted for emergency cases. 

Custom Designed Propellers

The high skewed propellers will be custom designed to meet optimum performance. The section and blade-area ratio will be optimized to reach the lowest noise and vibration levels. Propeller blades are fully CNC machined. Finish tolerance to ISO Class I or S possible. 

Shaft brackets (optional)

The shaftbracket (V or P) will be custom design to meet the hull shape. Can be produced in steel, stainless steel, aluminium or aluminium bronze. The shape of the bracket-profile will be custom designed to guarantee lowest drag. 

Thrust bearings and Flexible couplings 

Propeller thrust will be absorbed by a heavy duty thrust bearing. Combined with a soft flexible coupling or cv-joint, the engine can be put on soft engine mounts, for optimum isolation of noise and vibration.

A flexible coupling without thrust bearing is also a possibility, depending on the requirements of yacht-owner and available budget. 


  • Shaft-alignment, Gap and Sac calculation
  • Lateral vibration analyses
  • Axial vibration analyses
  • Torsional vibration analyses
  • Other Finite Element calculations 

Advantages of choice for Amartech FPP:

  • Fully custom engineered
  • Complete design, delivery and installation/alignment from one supplier
  • High performance
  • Low noise and vibration levels
  • Low maintenance costs