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Amartech is specialist in 3D designing and manufacturing complete propulsion systems, including propellers, to the highest international standards using the best materials and latest technology’s.
The company has a strong R&D focus and commits itself to bring leading innovations to the market.
It’s familiarity with the tiniest details of propulsion techniques makes a valuable business partner that is hired by many well-known naval architects, shipyards (and owners) worldwide.

Amartech’s technical staff is available to assist with the calculation and/or 3D design of propulsion packages or other technical marine equipment.
Our experience in designing complete quality water-lubricated stern gear systems is well-known.

Amartech offers her clients high quality solutions like:

  • controllable pitch propeller solution (CPP)
  • fixed pitch propeller solution (FPP)
  • retractable propulsion solution (RPS)
  • rudder solutions
  • shaft seal solutions
  • (global) installation & maintenance service

Hydrodynamics, knowledge of engineering, design, materials and production are our key areas of expertise.
Furthermore comfort and noise reduction are basic elements in the process of engineering at Amartech.

Amartech has total commitment to material and production quality control.
All materials used in the manufacturing of Amartech’s technical marine equipment are fully certifiable, with certificates of conformity and chemical analysis available on request.
The producer of high tech equipment follows the design parameters recommended by the classification Societies when establishing material thicknesses and cross-sections used for all primary propulsion components.

Founded in 1999 and based in The Netherlands, our well experienced and skilled labour force has produced, delivered and mounted an extensive number of systems worldwide.
For Mega Yachts, Super Yachts, Small Yachts up to Performing and Demanding Workboats.

We have recently delivered the complete propulsion and rudder system for the FLY5000-2 built by Couach in France and a complete controllable pitch propeller system for the Conrad C115 by Conrad Shipyard for your reference.

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